Empowering coffee drinkers to remember, rate, and discover the world of coffee.

What is CupCup?

cupcup is a coffee app empowering coffee drinkers to remember, rate, and discover the world of coffee.



Record your coffee by flavor, origin, roast/brew methods


Rate your coffee so you can remember your favorites for next time


Personalized recommendations to help you decide what to try next


Share your coffee with the cupcup community

Andrew Watson

The creator of cupcup

The one thing that has been consistent throughout my 15 years in the coffee industry is that I'll always keep a daily brew journal. It helps me track the origin of the coffee I drink as well as the flavors I taste and the brew methods I use. In talking with friends and people in the industry, I found that others were doing the same in their own makeshift ways. This is where the idea for cupcup started, an app that creates a community of coffee lovers by empowering them to record, rate, and share their favorite coffees while discovering new ones.

CupCup is Brewing



We're crafting a simple, elegant UI that will make it quick and easy to log your coffee and discover new ones



Our devs are hard at work making sure your app experience will be seamless



Our plan is to have cupcup launched into the App Store and Google Play by end of summer 2019

Let's keep in touch

We'd love to send you sneak peeks of the app and share what we're excited about in the coffee world

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